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#190()-54-2 36x54 Drawleaf Table

2-16" Drawleaves

#190()-60-2 40x60 Drawleaf Table

2-16" Drawleaves

#190()-72-2 42x72 Drawleaf Table

2-20" Drawleaves

#190()-84-2 44x84 Drawleaf Table

2-20" Drawleaves

Choose your options to make your new table fit your style!
1. Create the item # by filling the slots given.
2. Label the item # with your selection of wood species and finish color.
3. Add “HP” to item # for Handplaned tabletop.


Wood Species & Finishes

click each wood species to view available finishes in that species

Skirt Styles

All 190 tables with 30” tabletop height have a minimum skirt height of 24”. No edge options for 190 tables. Easily extend your tabletop without removing items from your tabletop.