U-1: Fabric and COM/COL (Customer's Own Material/Customer's Own Leather)

For thousands of Zimmerman Chair fabric options, go to greenhousefabrics.com. Select the Fabric Button and select your fabric from any category except the vinyls and leathers. Select only Fabrics with an abrasion rating of 15,000 or more.

Note: On the Fabric Category menu, you can select fabrics made only in the USA.

Click here to download a PDF of the Customers Own Material/Leather charts.

U-2: Standard Leather

South American cowhides with a relaxed aniline finish. Be aware that the cracked and wrinkled patina of this leather develops with age and normal use. Scars and blemishes add character to this leather.

#216 Night

#224 Camel

#225 Carmel

#227 Cedar

#228 Hazelnut

#229 Raspberry

#232 Forest

#233 Copper

U-3: Premium Leather

European semi-anilines with a partially protected finish. This premium quality leather provides a soft leather with a minimal amount of wrinkles and scars.

#250 Russet

#251 Taupe

#256 Bordeaux

#257 Premium Black

#258 Verdi

#259 Burro

Nail Trim Options

French Natural


Old Gold